Friday, April 1, 2016

The Week of 13/32/17 in a Glance

Hey Guys,
We hope you've been enjoying the weather. And excited for that snow day. We've got some boring stuff for you guys to read. Because honestly, who cares about the news? In our opinion, if it doesn't directly effect us, we don't care. So you're probably better off if you spend your time instagraming.
-The 'Glance Editors

Snapchat: Disappearing?
By Maddy Art

      Are you one of the approximate 100 million people who send photos daily though the app Snapchat? If so, you unfortunately may soon lose all of your streaks. As you may know, Snapchat released an update earlier this week introducing somewhat major changes. For example, the stories of your friends play automatically, one after another. That is all fine, but the issue comes into play with the new stickers that you can now send in the chat feature. A small company based in Philadelphia is supposedly suing the popular social media platform, because many of the doodles on these digital images were apparently taken from their website without proper permission. If they win the lawsuit, which is looking likely, Snapchat will not only have to pay a hefty fee, but will either be required to completely reboot the app and its users, or get rid of the app altogether. This could be the end of Snapchat’s story.

Sprucing up the Spruces
By Rose Gotlieb

For a while now, Williamstown has been debating on what to do with the area that was formerly the Spruces Mobile Home Park. As you may know, a few years ago a river flooded and caused big problems at the Spruces. However, the Williamstown Selectmen have finally made a decision on what to do with the area after an interesting proposal was made to them last week.
What proposal? Six Flags, the amusement park, has noticed that many people from Bennington, North Adams, Lanesborough, Williamstown, and other nearby towns and cities have been going to Six Flags, and they think it would be profitable for them if they had a location nearer to our towns. They saw that the Spruces was “up for grabs” and they offered an undisclosed amount of money for it. In addition to the money that they are paying for it, they would also be able to make the river less of an issue, making it safer for the people of Williamstown.
Was this put to vote? No, actually. Because of the 28th amendment, which says that as large company businesses (which includes amusement parks) can build what they want on land they buy as long as they pay their high taxes, the town didn’t get a say.
What are they going to do? Well, if you’ve been to Six Flags, you’ll have a basic idea. It is going to be a full-blown amusement park, with rides, cotton candy, and “much more”. Among the plans that they’ve released, they showed a roller coaster that offers a panoramic view of the purple mountains called the “Greylock Lightning”. They are also planning on painting the stately lions at the front of the park gold. April Fools, in case you didn’t notice. The first two sentences were true - the rest definitely weren’t.

The New Mount Greylock: Top 10 Things to Know
By Owen Tucker-Smith

On March 15th, the Mt. Greylock building project was approved in Lanesborough. It had been approved in Williamstown on March 1st. Now that we are getting a new building, some people are wondering about the details. Some decisions have been made, and we have established a list of the top ten most important things about the new building.

10: No vending machines, maybe a Starbucks to replace them.
Apparently now the vending machines aren’t giving the school enough money for what they are worth. So the school is considering replacing them with a more profitable option, a Starbucks right outside the lunchroom

9: No paper
YES (Youth Environmental Squad) has won. Greylock is going green. All paper will be replaced with dry erase boards that ARE THE DESKS. Yes, the desk tops are whiteboards.

8: No bells
This past September, 3 students and 1 teacher died from either shock or ear infection after “being surprised by the bells.” For this reason, the school has decided to take away the bell schedule for the new school. Teachers will release students when the lesson is over.

7: Strict internet blocking system
Many websites and apps will be blocked in the new building, including snapchat (if it exists) instagram, twitter, facebook, wikipedia, sparknotes, candy crush, and all pizza ordering websites, which have become recently very popular in class among juniors and seniors.

6: Uniform
There will be a school uniform. This uniform for boys will be a red tux, and for girls will be a red dress. This is due to many teachers complaining that they could not concentrate on teaching when students were so informally dressed.

5: The band room will be on a separate premise
Miles and miles away. Recently, administrators in the main office have passed out and developed ear infections due to listening to the blasting sound of the middle and high school blands. It is just too loud to be anywhere near other humans.

4: We’re going solar!
And YES strikes again. This is sort of self explanatory. When it is dark out, or cloudy, classes will be forced to watch a movie as they cannot see the teacher’s lesson.

3: No books
That’s right, everything will be done on ipads. This is due to students’ shoulders actually falling off because of the heavy weight of textbooks in their backpacks. The library will be replaced most likely with an apple store.

2: Art will be replaced by karate
The school has decided that karate is much more useful for students considering possible zombie apocalypses in the future (Last year some students after playing to much Black Ops decided to try to start a zombie apocalypse by walking around with their hands sticking out.) When will art help in a zombie attack on the school?

1: No teachers
Teachers take money to have. They are too expensive, apparently. In the new building, there will be robots standing at the front of the room with ipads standing as their heads, playing Khan Academy videos. It is much more cost efficient.

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